Comparative Religion

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Duration: 40 - 60 hours
Student Access Period: 6 months
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Gain greater insight into the world’s major religions

Religion is all around you, from the Jewish woman who studies yoga for physical enlightenment to the celebration of the ancient pagan festival of Halloween. Although world religions have been the source of great conflict and war, they have also brought comfort and insight to billions of people.  Even if you don't consider yourself a "religious" person, you gain a greater understanding of the world by exploring the many faiths that people follow.

Why Study World Religions?

Religion might be the most important subject you will ever study. Certainly by its own terms, dealing with your happiness in this world and your destiny in the next, nothing could be more important. Considering its influence on society and culture, certainly little has had as great an impact on human life as religion.

Lexicom Religion Courses Open Your Eyes

Lexicom Learning’s online comparative religion courses take you through the major religions one by one.  You will conclude with a bonus topic, The Modern Search, which explores the future of religion and naturism (possibly a new religious phenomenon?)  In around 30 hours, studying when and where you like, you will explore:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Jainism and Sikhism
  • Taoism and Confucianism
  • Shinto
  • Oral Religions
  • Native American Religions
  • Traditional African Religions
  • Traditional Religions of Oceania
  • Plus more...

Who Will Benefit from Our Comparative Religion Courses?

You can benefit from our comparative religion courses if you are:

  • On a personal journey of spiritual discovery
  • Seeking answers to some of life’s biggest questions  – why am I here,  what is my higher purpose and what will happen to me when I die?
  • Wishing to broaden your own horizons through an appreciative study of others
  • Fascinated about religion and have always wanted to learn more about the various belief systems followed in the world today

"I have recently commenced the Lexicom Learning Comparative Religion course. Before entering the workforce I spent two thirds of my life studying at school as well as obtaining university degrees in Applied Science (Chemistry) and Law and a Masters of Law.

Whilst I enjoyed my time spent studying at University I have found Lexicom's course and delivery platform a refreshing change to traditional methods of education. Having the time to study a subject which has always been of interest to me is very rewarding. The way in which the material is presented is both concise and detailed and makes the journey of education an ease rather than a burden. I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the world's differing religions at my own pace and with the assistance of an experienced tutor to answer my queries and guide my learning.

I highly recommend Lexicom as a professional education provider and, for those who are interested, the Introduction to Religion course delivers everything and more than you would expect".

M. Daniel, Gold Coast, Australia

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What you will learn

In this course you will cover:

  • Sources, characteristics, and patterns across religions, and the approaches and reasons for studying world religions.
  • Influences that shaped the history of Judaism such as the Hebrew Bible, other cultures, and historical events and Jewish beliefs and practices that have influenced Jewish culture and the world.
  • The birth and spread of Christianity; and its influence on the arts and world cultures; and the influences and challenges of the modern world and international cultures on Christianity.
  • The beginning and spread of Islam, its basic principles, beliefs, and practices and its contributions and influences on the world, and evaluate the challenges faced by Islam in modern times.
  • Origins and development of Hinduism; its basic principles; contribution and influences on the world; and the challenges faced by Hinduism in modern times.
  • Origins and development of Buddhism; its basic principles; contribution and influences on the world; and the challenges faced by Buddhism in modern times.
  • Growth and development of Jainism and Sikhism and their influence on the arts; and the worldview of these two religions.
  • Growth and development of Taoism and Confucianism and their influence on the arts; and the challenges faced by these two religions in modern times.
  • Origins and development of Shinto; its belief system; contribution on the world, and the factors that have contributed to the existence of Shinto to the present day.
  • Discoveries, study, practices, and contributions of Oral Religions; and the significance of artistic expression and the growth of Oral Religions in modern times.
  • The significance of archeological data to the study of Traditional American Religions; and the influence of sacred stories, beliefs, oral traditions, practices, and interactions with other cultures on Native American Spiritualities.
  • The influence of environmental factors on the sacred stories and beliefs of the African people; and their concept of humanity according to the ancient African viewpoint.
  • The influence of environmental factors on the sacred stories and beliefs of the people of Oceania; and their concept of humanity according to the traditional religions of Oceania.
  • The growth, principles, practices, and characteristics of New Religions; and evaluate the status of the New Religious Movements in the modern world.



Topic 1 - Understanding Religion

  • Sources of Religion
  • Patterns Among Religions
  • Approaches to the Study of Religion

Topic 2 - Judaism
  • An Overview of Jewish History
  • Biblical History
  • Cultural Influences on Judaism
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Judaism
  • The Contribution of Judaism

Topic 3 - Christianity
  • The Beginning of Christianity and its Basic Principles
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Christianity
  • The Spread of Christianity
  • Christianity in Modern Times

Topic 4 - Islam
  • The Beginning of Islam and its Basic Principles
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Islam
  • The Spread of Islam
  • Islam in Modern Times

Topic 5 - Hinduism
  • The Origins of Hinduism
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Hinduism
  • The Contribution of Hinduism
  • Hinduism in Modern Times

Topic 6 - Buddhism
  • The Origins of Buddhism
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Buddhism
  • The Development of Buddhism
  • Buddhism in Modern Times

Topic 7 - Jainism and Sikhism
  • The Origins of Jainism, its Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity
  • The Origins of Sikhism, its Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity
  • The Contribution of Jainism
  • The Development of Jainism
  • The Development of Sikhism and the Modern Challenge

Topic 8 - Taoism and Confucianism
  • The Origins of Taoism and Confucianism
  • The Development of Taoism and Confucianism
  • Beliefs, Practices, and the Role of Humanity in Taoism and Confucianism
  • The Contribution of Taoism and Confucianism
  • Taoism and Confucianism in Modern Times

Topic 9 - Shinto
  • The Origins of Shinto
  • Beliefs and Practices in Shinto
  • The Contribution of Shinto
  • The Development of Shinto
  • Shinto in Modern Times

Topic 10 - Oral Religions
  • Origins and Sacred Practices
  • Sacred Oral Traditions: Stories and Beliefs
  • The Significance of Artistic Expression in Oral Religions
  • Oral Religion in the Modern World

Topic 11 - Native American Religions
  • Origins and Cultural Developments North of Mexico
  • Sacred Oral Traditions: Stories and Beliefs
  • Beliefs and Practices in Native American Religions
  • The Evolution of Native American Spiritualities

Topic 12 - Traditional African Religions
  • Origins of African Religions
  • Sacred Stories, Scriptures, and Practices of the African People
  • The Concept of Humanity in Traditional Africa

Topic 13 - Traditional Religions of Oceania
  • Origins of Traditional Religions of Oceania
  • Sacred Stories, Scriptures, and Practices of the People of Oceania
  • The Concept of Humanity in the Traditional Religions of Oceania

Topic 14 - Alternative Paths
  • Origins of New Religions
  • Contemporary Religions
  • New Religious Movements

Topic 15 - Review
  • Complete a review of key content covered in this course

Bonus Topic 16 - The Modern Search
  • Modern Influence on The Future of Religion
  • The Recurring Challenge of Change
  • Naturism: A New Religious Phenomenon?



Jos van de Mortel Your tutor in Comparative Religion is Jos van de Mortel
Qualifications: - Master of Arts in Philosophy
- Master of Education in the field of Philosophy and Comparative Religion
- Teacher in Philosophy and Comparative Religion

If a slow tortoise and the fast and furious Achilles (the famous Greek demi-God) were to hold a footrace, everybody would expect Achilles to win. The philosopher Zeno wondered if that was the case if the tortoise would get a head start of just five yards, because undeniably making up those 5 yards would cost Achilles some time. In that (short) period of time the tortoise would have walked a certain distance which would then be his lead. In the time Achilles would need to close that gap, the tortoise would cross some distance etc. etc.

Ever since his Greek teacher confronted Jos van de Mortel with this so called paradox, he has been interested in philosophy. This simple exercise confronts you with the complexity of human thought. Diving deeper in the human mind he discovered all sorts of exciting and sometimes even outrageous claims made by philosophers throughout the centuries. Examining those claims during his education in Philosophy at the Radboud University in the Netherlands gave him an insight in the human spirit and society he fosters until today. With his broad interest he devoted himself to a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Religion to Atheism and from Art to Politics. His sharp and flexible mind enables him to transport himself in the minds of others, be it the author of the book he is reading or the layman interested in a theological topic.

After obtaining his master’s degree in Philosophy his growing interest in the human condition and in sharing the knowledge he had accumulated in that field resulted in a career in education. Teaching Philosophy and Comparative Religion offered him the chance to shine an even brighter light on the evolution of human thought and faith. “Teaching is learning twice” in the words of Joseph Joubert.


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